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Roy & Pete's Total Fishing Challenge - Version: 2.13f only.

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 How to setup fishsim to produce venues

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How to setup fishsim to produce venues Empty
PostSubject: How to setup fishsim to produce venues   How to setup fishsim to produce venues EmptyTue Sep 25 2012, 16:43

The very first thing to know is that you can't create a venue in fishsim2_13 for that you need fishsim2_11i(rev3) because that is the one that have all you need to develop it. You must download it and install it preferably in a separate directory called fishim2_11 because it will overwrite your fishsim2_13d that you use. If you don't have enough space on your hard disk you have problems.
Let us start by downloading every thing that is necessary. The first is a new installation from fishsim
Go to where are to click DOWNLOAD Fishsim2 full version ( approx. 29MB)
That will give you the latest version of fishsim no matter which version you bought. The password is on the page so you will have to look for it because Jase ask us not to repeat it. (it will take you to a new page where you must put in the password and download the program fs2setup.exe) Move this to somewhere so you don’t have to download it again.
Now go to where you must download setup211i3.exe . Move this to the same location as above.
Now this is how I would do it.
First run the fishsim installation program fs2setup.exe
A pop up window will be displayed . Change the C:\Program Files (x86)\Fishing Simulator version 2 to C:\fs211i3 and press start.
The program install a new fishsim2_13d onto your computer that will work good with the basic setup. You can add what ever you want.
Open the fs211i3 and rename fishsim2.exe to fishsim213.exe
Copy the file setup211.exe to the fs211i3 folder the same window as above will pop up. This time click on browse and find fs211i3 directory and click start.
a New fishsime.exe will be installed. Click it to make sure you get the version 2.11i3 in the botom left. Remember it is a new insatlation and you will have to reregister a memeber where I use tester so that I know this is only for testing.
Now you do all your development here. (You can run fishsim213 from here by clicking fishsim213.exe but I very seldom does it)
Ok now you have a lot more funcionality that you did not have with fs213 but you also lost some functions like the missed on the main window. Here is the main advantages if I remember correcly
First the edit function work and you can add depth, objects and flow to your venue.
F1 is a function that works but till today I could not figure it out.
F9 does the same as in fs213 but you must look at the fish density because it must be under 5oz 4dr or it will not be vallidated and I would say not lower than 4oz per square meter. Also the rect on the edge of the water on the far edge or horizon of the water. You must also be sure that the distance is not to big becuase then you can not through that far and there is no boats around. (My first venues I made that fault and somebody said in real life he would have used a boat to get to the other edge so I learn that you must be able to throw to there.)
F10 is used to see how the difrent factors like O2 behave in your venue. You go throw them by rigth clicking the mouse (I spend long to figure that out)
F12 is fastfish when you press it you must minimize the sim and wait till you see the first byte ( I count to 10 before I open)
F11 you will see how each of your schools of fish would have behaved if you where fishing in fs211. I don’t use it but it is nice to look at. Why I don’t use it the fish react differently in fs213.
If you are fiinshed with this copy the venue directory and the venue file to your normal directory because all your problems must be sorted by this time and all you have to do is test and test and test till you are satisfied that you can catch fish in every month.
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How to setup fishsim to produce venues
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