Roy & Pete's Total Fishing Challenge - Version: 2.13f only.

Roy & Pete's Total Fishing Challenge - Version: 2.13f only.

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How to install venue from the downloader.
First you must save the downloaded file some where on the hard disk. The file that you downloaded is a Zipped file and must be extracted before it can be used. I use a small program that is free and can be downloaded from the internet. The program is 7-zip and the it extract both zipped and rar files. (Don’t worry to much with all the technical details. The following diagram was made from 7-zip but most of this programs work the same.
danmarham..... 7Zip
The moment you open the zip file you get a this screen. The file that you want is the .jr2 file that you must copy to your fishsim2 folder. (I have long ago found that the best place to place this folder "fishsim2" is the root folder on a disk like c:\fishsim2) You choose this folder by clicking with the right mouse button and the choosing copy to. Now you browse to copy it to this folder.
There are 2 methods to import this files into your venues folder.
Method 1.
For this method you enter game in the normal way. You choose a player and enter then the screen that appear is the one that you normally choose to go fishing or to change the bait. Next to go fishing is Options – click ( or double click with the left mouse button) this and then you will see 5 buttons on top one of them is Advanced – click this. A new dropdown list appear. Choose the Import add-on button. You will now have a list of all the .jr2 files that is in your fishsim2 folder. Click the one that you want to install and another screen ask you if you really want to install this file. Choose Yes and the rest will be automated. Just remember that it will over write the previous file that you had if you already had it installed.
Just remember that the venue will first appear when you restarted the sim.
Method 2. (The one that I always use)
Download the program jr2ex.exe from it is called Jr2 Extractor and put it in your fishisim2 folder. If you run the program it will ask you what the .jr2 file is that you want to extract.
I don’t use it like this. I right clicked on one of the .jr2 files. From the dropdown list I then choose jr2ex.exe (if you struggle with this just ask and I will elaborate more) if it is not there you must browse for it – remember you put it in the fishsim2 folder. Choose this as the default program to open all such files by marking the check box.
From now you just click on the file and it will be installed automatically. If you start fishsim now it will already be there.

(Please ask again if something is unclear and if anybody want me to change any thing please add or moderate this. I am not English so I appreciate any help and will not feel bad by comments)

Here is the link that I was looking for or just click THIS

The last link that I think you must have is here you will find the maual by the creator of this great game but this you can get from his main site
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