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Roy & Pete's Total Fishing Challenge - Version: 2.13f only.

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 New competition

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PostSubject: New competition   Wed Oct 05 2011, 11:49

Hi everyone,
I was thinking about joining a fishing league but I know they are not so good. As a result I've come up with a different competition. Basically this is what would happen:
there will be a set number of matches to be fished in one year. perhaps 11, 12, 13, or 14 but I think 13 would be better.
the matches would be on different types of water. Such as, lake- river- sea etc.
because there are 3 types it means there would be three levels- easy- medium and hard
of course 3 threes are 9 so we have 2 spare matches to fill. Harder to select would be the 10th match. Maybe the moderators could put up a list of 'medium' venues and each person chooses 1. The one with the most votes is the venue to be fished.
the final match type, venue etc would be a 'wild card' match for each participant. He/she can choose her favorite water and hopefully get lots of weight.
Winning would be purely on the total weight from all matches.
Maybe there could be some form of award for 'records'.
the venues would be published before the season starts. This would allow everyone to practice on each venue and encourage members to try different venues, types of fishing.
Each member would be able to look at the table at any time and if weight is needed, the 'wildcard' would help to boost weights.
This is a rough idea but I would love to have some feedback. Of course there would have to be adjustments but I feel that this type of competition would be good for all and fun.
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New competition
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